About Me

I am an interdisciplinary researcher with a PhD in computer science and a background somewhere between (applied) machine learning, (music) information retrieval and cognitive neuroscience. I am very fascinated by the abilities of humans and intelligent machines to learn, adapt and interact with each other.

Especially, I am interested in so-called “human-in-the-loop” scenarios, in which both humans and machines learn from each other and together contribute to the solution of a problem. My research is driven by the idea that many challenges in the age of Big Data could be solved by such fruitful collaborations.

UPDATE: As of January 2016, I have moved to Potsdam, Germany to establish a new junior research group on Machine Learning in Cognitive Science within the Research Focus Cognitive Science at the University of Potsdam. More information coming soon …

Before, I was post-doctoral fellow in the labs of Adrian Owen and Jessica Grahn at the Brain and Mind Institute at Western University in London, Ontario. Here, I  developed new analysis techniques that allow us to identify complex patterns in brain waves (EEG). In particular, my project goal was to recognize imagined music pieces. This could eventually allow us to build brain-computer interfaces for patients who cannot directly communicate with the outside world but are still able to control their imagination.